Tuesday, April 18, 2017


 We have had a little bit of spring weather this week.  Dark clouds hover, with just a tad of thunder, and even a smaller amount of tad in the raindrops department.

 Izzy, our scaredy cat girl, felt the arrival of a storm in the distance even before we knew it would be coming, and she began a bit of panting and pacing around....
 So we pulled out the mighty Thunder Shirt and before long she had settled into the day and stopped the panting and pacing routine.

 She used to pace and pant for hours and hide away in a dark room.  Nothing seemed to calm her down, and although she is still not perfectly calm when storms are approaching, her huge panic attacks have now become much more manageable for her sweet little pea pickin' heart.

Izzy weighs around 80 pounds and wears a size large, just to give you an idea.
IF you have a pup who suffers each time storms approach, or fireworks boom overhead on New Years and the Fourth Of July, try making the investment of a Thunder Shirt for your little sweetie pie pup.


  1. Those are some seriously heavy duty clouds! I've never heard of a thunder shirt. Must share that with a dog friend!

  2. I can attest to the benefits from Thunder Shirt . . .
    We had "boomers" in the middle of the night last night
    and out of bed I went to grab the shirt.
    Calms Snickers right down. . . . snuggles her up, warms her heart
    and she is back to the zzzzzzzz's . . .
    Happy it has helped Izzy too!
    I liked your dark, storm brewing sky pics!