Sunday, March 26, 2017

Yankee Doodle Gal

 I am definitely a Yankee girl living in the Mid Atlantic area of southwestern Virginia.  I've never fit in completely here, but with the love of my husband and some super nice neighbors, I get by.

 Now, I've known that Yankee Candles have been around for a very long time, but with so many of their fragrances being so 'floral', I have stayed away from them.... my sinuses just don't like them.... but the thing is, they have some super cute candle containers now and I simply could not say "NO" to this look in our home.
I sniffed most of their candles in the local Yankee Candle store at our mall, and I came up with a couple of fragrances that don't fly directly up my nostrils and send my sinuse passageways into complete freak out mode.
 I mean... check out this lamp shade they have!  It's sold atop another container they have, but I liked it on their Hurricane container which does not come with a shade,
 so I had to buy both if I wanted the shade to be used on the Havana Hurricane.

This Hurricane is not sold in their retail stores, but someone had purchased it online and then decided it did not work in her home, so she returned it to the local store where I was lucky enough to see it and make the purchase.  I'm in LOVE with it!
 This is the container that the lampshade comes with.....
It too is just delicious looking, especially when the candle is lit in the evening hours and the shade glows.

 Check out their Twilight Dusk Water Drops Lamp if you like the shade.
It would be nicer if the shade were offered as a solo product , but I spent the extra money instead and bought both containers in order to get the shade.

Also, you may want to look at their Coastal Sands Mother Of Pearl Lamp...
It was stunning!

I'm not affiliated with Yankee Candle Company, nor am I receiving compensation for this post,
but I do hope you check out their product line because otherwise you are missing out.

P.S. Not all of their scents are floral.  I chose a latte fragrance and also will be purchasing their Mint fragrance soon since it is being discontinued.


  1. Very, very nice . . .
    Love the look . . . and if you are happy with the fragrance . . .
    PERFECT . . .
    (I too have to watch some of the fragrances . . . I like Yankee Candles.)
    I purchase the small votives during the holidays, especially.
    I will have to check on the name of the fragrance I like.

    If you have a Nordstrom near you, check out Jo Malone.
    Cream, fragrances, several things . . . in cosmetics.
    Pricey . . . but I love her line. The body creame is devine . . .
    Lime Basil is my fragrance.

  2. That lamp is really pretty. I can't even walk on the sidewalk in front of our Yankee Candle Store because the fragrances are so strong, so I'm glad you've found some that work for you. I pretty much have to have unscented and find myself using more battery candles because of it. But oh, what a pretty shade!

  3. I'd forgotten about yankee candles, but if I remember most of their fragrances are pretty light. Thanks for the reminder :)

    I hope you are doing well, my friend.