Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mysterious Springtime

The yellows came early this year, my favorite forsythia bush.
 And the daffodils too!
*notice little Miss Izzy behind the tree*
 *and there she is again*
 And then came VERY cold weather with a frost that caused my daffodils to fall to the ground, and I thought they would die for certain,
 but that hasn't been the case at all.
They continued to look like sunshine, but in a horizontal position unfortunately.
 So my husband watched them for a number of days, thinking that they were goners.
 And now he has tied them up into an upright position again, and they continue to shine.
That's the mystery of springtime.


  1. Loved the yellow , . . standing tall . . . cold and sleepy too . .
    No yellow sprouting here yet . . .
    It won't be long . . . warmer weather by the weekend.

  2. We had a few crocuses bloom last week and then we got hit with a blizzard. They faded away, but hopefully my daffodils didn't get scared away into a permanent hibernation and will show up when the snow melts. Fingers crossed. PS...Great hat!!

  3. I'm so glad to know about the daffs because in my part of the world here, we're always likely to have them pop then cold weather! Yours look terrific!

  4. Pretty pretty flowers! Those sure are strong and brave daffodils!!