Saturday, April 15, 2017

Inexpensive Simple Things

I've been trying to make less expensive purchases this spring on things that I love.

Like THESE tennis shoes from Target. Because who doesn't love cheap sneakers?
I also want another pair of cheap sneakers in a neutral color for the warm days ahead.
Or perhaps THESE Converse tennis shoes.  They have been around forever!  Talk about a classic.

And then there was THIS fun watering can that I simply refused to leave at the garden center today, and it was the last one they had in store, so he was lonesome and needed a home.  BUT, you can get him at Ace Hardware online and possibly at Wal-Mart online.... don't know if they have them instore or not.

Have you purchased a PopSocket for your phone yet?  My granddaughter had one and it totally caught my interest, so of course I bought one.  LOVE IT!  And, you can customize them with your own design or photo if you wish.

Would love this on my screened in porch! 

Springtime seems to be lightening my spirits this year.  Azaleas are in bloom, and can''t wait for the next gorgeous thing to awaken in my yard.  Of course then there's the pollen that goes along with it.  ACHOO!!

We were away for eight days to visit family and grandchildren in the midwest and came home to a yard that looked
like springtime spilling over.
What a wonderful welcome home.
Thanks for stopping by my very neglected blog today.




  1. You haven't said how glad your pups were to have you home!!!

  2. Wow, your azaleas and phlox are lovely.

  3. Those azaleas!! Looks like you are having a beautiful spring there. :)

  4. Oh my . . . the color!!
    Welcome home, I was wondering where you were.
    I was missing some "SPRINKLE" . . .
    Water can, PopSocks, new tennies . . .
    What would I do without you . . .
    Thank you for brightening up my world . . .
    And yes . . . how are the pups . . . happy you are home??

  5. What a glorious burst of color! These are fabulous!