Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My New Year

 It's been a 'winterless' winter here in the mountains of southwestern Virginia.
 I can't speak for other areas of our state, but WE have had only four inches of snow, if that, in the early part of the season, but you can hardly call that winter now can you?
 The daffodils began their blooming quite early, as did most of the flowering trees,
and it makes me wonder if summer too will come early with it's warm temperatures, high humidity and worst of all, bugs, snakes, and all that slithers about.
 The blossoms of springtime lift my heart and hopes.
This is my New Year rather than party hats and horns of the last night of December.
These buds are the promise of what a new year is all about.


  1. Everything feels fresh and new in the spring!

  2. Oh wow, we are not near spring yet in my neck of the woods, we are heading back into the single digits at the end of the week, booooooooo!! Looks so pretty there, enjoy spring and all its beauty!

  3. Now that is what I call . . . NICE . . .
    What is it . . . when the trees bud . . . and blossom.
    Happy Spring "mountains of southwestern Virginia" . . .

  4. Those flowers are so pretty! Is that snow headed your way? If so stay warm and safe!

  5. I am so very behind in coming over to thank you for a lovely comment you left a week or two ago on The Marmelade Gypsy. It's been quite a whirlwind -- no excuses, though. But I truly appreciated it because it led me to your delightful blog.

    Your flowers are gorgeous and I hope they survived the winter that swept north this week. Here in Michigan it will be awhile before I see such lovely blooms but I am counting the days!

    Meanwhile, I am now following you by email!