Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lifelong Wishes

 Valentine's Day was wonderful.
No special meals or sugary cookie and cake delights,
just cards between us and the flowers he never forgets to order for me.

 The one gift we would have wished to give to one another would have been to move to Australia, something we have dreamed of for a while.... he, for much longer than I have, but his wife at that time in his life put her foot down, not wanting to uproot the children and live down under.

Oh.... to have had that opportunity and experience in life.... I WOULD HAVE LOVED IT!
And I think we would probably still be there to this day.

Considering all that is happening in our country this year, we would pack up and be gone down under in a heartbeat, but once over the age of 50 it is difficult for Australia to be accepting of us.
since we are now a decade and a half beyond 50 years young, I don't see it ever happening.

My husband has an aunt who moved there in the 70's and we are in the process of trying to find her and at least arrange a visit.
Oh, where or where are you, Aunt Kathy??


  1. Interesting . . .
    Mister Irish and I have had some "down under" dreams too.
    At our ages though we have pretty much scratched that idea.
    Although . . . a long trip, including New Zealand . . . might be a possibility . . .
    I hope you locate that Aussie Aunt!

  2. I say at least take a trip!! How much fun would that be to explore Australia. And hey, you never just might not come back! ;)