Friday, February 17, 2017


 Late January through mid-February are our celebration times here at Casa de Sprinkle.
 So, I thought I would share a few photos of what jumped into our bellies.

 There was a chocolate cake, and a bundt cake for a bit of dessert every day, but we froze half of each cake for later this winter.... for a snowy day celebration should we EVER GET SNOW!  That's right, it's been a snowless February and nothing on the future forecast to make us even think we will see any white stuff this month.
Very strange.
 My birthday meal was sort of a jumbalaya... anyway, it had some of those same ingredients, as well as the spice to go along with it.
My husband made a cajun spice mixture from scratch with an Emeril Lagasse recipe found on line.  I had attempted to find a pre-made cajun spice at the store, and when there were none to be found, my husband turned to the internet.
It was pretty tasty, although I expected it to add a bit more of a punch than it did.
 When it comes to any recipe with pasta in it, I'm all over it! 

 His birthday meal was a petit steak, with a side of grilled asparagus sprinkled with his favorite spice mixture, as well as shrimp per my request.  Steak gets too heavy sometimes and shrimp is better for helping to control cholesterol levels.
 A baked potato with a small drop of sour cream went well with the menu too.
 He enjoyed his cards, and I enjoyed my cards.  Any card with a dog on the front always just makes his day.

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  1. Almost midnight as I am reading this . . .
    and now I am much wider awake and
    very hungry . . . thank you very much.
    Happy back to back BD's . . .