Thursday, February 23, 2017

Just Be A Woman

I'm sure SOME women who support Trump will find this video offensive.
The song was written by a young girl using Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech words.
Love her.
Hate her.
That's not important.
Don't be offended by the words simply because they were uttered by Mrs. Clinton, just admit that they are true and important to women.
Lead not with your long held thoughts that a woman must do as she is told by the men of the world,
but rather instead use that fine, kind, intelligent, feminine brain that your god or genetics gave you
and build a fine new generation of women to lead this world to a place of peace and prosperity.

I truly believe that it will be a woman who saves this world from turmoil, filthy air and water, social injustice, disease and all that prior, recent and current men in power have wrought upon us all.
That's not a conservative or a liberal belief,
it's simply the way it is.


  1. I love it! That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this

  2. I loved this . . . Beautiful!
    I am sure Hillary would feel honored to see this piece!