Saturday, January 21, 2017

Tipping Over

 Okay.... so here's the problem I have and I am looking for a solution.
I LOVE cooking an egg in a somewhat hollowed out avocado half, and recently I have been adding a bit of cubed chicken, salsa, and now want to also try perhaps some chick peas.
The recipes I have been jonesing on just look so great, and so easy as well,
except for one issue I am having.
 How do I keep an avocado half from tipping over while it's in the microwave, and also prior to placing it in the microwave with all of the egg white that slides out?
I only cook one at a time for myself, so I can't even lean them up against one another as they cook.
 Is there a special plate of some sort that avocado aficionados use simply for the purpose of cooking an avocado slice that keeps the silly thing upright?
 I'd LOVE hearing from any of you who experience this 'tipping over' problem and what you have done to solve it.

1 comment :

  1. I am sure someone will send you info about a pan, crock or something.
    Maybe Google Williams-Sonoma . . .
    In the meantime, scoop out more of the avocado to make a deeper well
    and use a small baking dish the size of the avocado??
    Sounds, looks very good!