Sunday, January 22, 2017

Alternative Facts Is Nothing More Than Lies

I noticed this proverb on a photo of a card on Claudia's blog and loved it, as it soooo represents the seeds that were planted at the Women's March On Washington as well as in other cities across our nation and around the world.

Trump showed his ass, not only throughout the 18 month long election season, as to his attitudes about women, Mexicans, Muslims, the disabled and gays as well as anyone else he sees as a threat in any way, by belittling them in all ways possible.
Although he won the election, but by Electoral votes and not the popular vote, the Womens' March on Washington this past week-end was our shout out and the beginning of our resistance to him as he takes away human rights in our country.

I am calling upon all U.S. citizens who care about human rights to resist this man and all those in Washington D.C. by voicing your dislike for his actions by calling Congress and the White House and your Representatives, and letting them know that we will not stand for them tearing down America.  They want to make it great again when in fact it is already GREAT!  

When they get on TV and lie to us, call them.... tell them they are lying.  Don't let them get away with spouting off and calling their words 'alternative facts' when in fact there are NO ALTERNATIVE FACTS.... an alternative fact is nothing more than a lie.  We need to also find out Sean Spicer's phone number and KellyAnne Conway's phone number and swamp them with messages or texts each and every time they lie for Trump, because that's exactly what they do.  Whenever he can't deal with the pressure of the press (who are there to keep him honest btw) he commands his attack dogs to go out and spew alternative facts (Lies),  a phrase coined by KellyAnne Conway on Meet The Press.  

White House (Comments) 202-456-1111

White House Switchboard 202-456-1414

White House Email HERE

Your senator's phone number HERE


  1. Sounds like you are the one doing the "spewing." Have you not had your coffee yet? I believe I'll be moving on from reading your blog. Goodbye.

  2. The divide will only grow deeper if some of us are not willing to discuss and only turn away from those who hold different opinions. I'm so sorry that Ann is not willing to discuss, but only to make smart remarks for those who do not think along her party line. I would like Ann to explain the term 'Alternative Facts' to me, but if she chooses not to discuss then so be it. Womens' rights are human rights, Ann, something I have long believed in, caring for other human beings and their needs, not just my own needs. Have a great day, and I truly hope you can find a way to soften your heart to the needs of others.

  3. I have been making calls . . .
    Thank you for the numbers I did not have . . .
    I visited with a friend a few days ago who was in DC for the March.
    I wished I had said YES to being there . . .
    We must stand up for our freedoms . . . must . . .
    Alternative Facts . . . Conway dug a hole with that statement . . .
    A FACT is a FACT . . .