Friday, January 20, 2017

It's A Cinch

 My husband had been super busy this month with a client that has their offices an hour from our home, so sometimes when he needs to install code and de-bug it he is there all day, not to return until after the sun has long gone down.
Meanwhile, here at home, if the sun is shining down on the front porch, I sneak out and enjoy it with my boyfriend, Rowdy,
 And this little punk of a girl dog that we call Izzy.  No, really.... she really is a punk.
 Being January, it can mean that the sun may be warm, but even the tiniest bit of a breeze can send a chill through my core causing me to don something deliciously warm like this coat I just picked up at Macys this week.
 *this is coat #25 in my closet I believe*

Oh shut up!
What can I say.... me loves coats!
And in January they are ALL on sale so it's just a no brainer for me to buy a few.
I REALLY like this one.
It's denim and has two pockets on each side in the front, a zip closure and a flap that snaps over the zipper to give it a bit more of a finished look.
 There's a tie in the back which can be pulled to cinch in the waist a bit which helps keep cold air from entering up the back and giving a bit of a chill to the backside.  AND.... a sherpa lined hood and collar.
 The sherpa, being that it is only in the hood and collar, keeps the coat from being overly bulky or too warm if it's temperatures in the 40's or 50's....
 It's not a coat for freezing cold days, but here in Virginia winters are frigid one day and warm the next... hence my need for more coats than you can count.
I kept the look casual, as is mostly the case for a country girl, with a black and white striped turtle neck, my ever present black ponte stretch pants and of course my fleece lined mid calf height boots.
 The blue knitted hand warmers were a wonderful gift from my sister last year and super handy should I need to text or dial my cell phone.
It's a safe bet to say that I'll be wearing this coat often since my old green barn coat is starting to see it's better days.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Here's where you can get the look.

Macy's Coat // Macy's Turtleneck //  Macy's Ponte Pants //  Boots // Leather Hat

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  1. Looking snazzy in your Blue Denin Sheep . . .
    (I had a coat like that . . . wonder where it is . . . )
    I like coats too but not sure if I am as addicted as you.
    smile, smile