Sunday, January 1, 2017

It's A New And Sweet Year

 Just sharing a few photos from our New Year's Eve gathering at friends' home from yesterday.  
It's always so sweet to see everyone.... even if a few were missing from the day, including my husband who stayed home with a stomach bug that had carried through from the previous night.

 I won't identify anyone since some prefer their anonymity....
Just know that there was much love flowing from our hearts for one another, and a bit of liquid love flowing from everyone's cups and flutes.

More love coming today as we share a cooked goose with more friends!
It's going to be a great 2017 where our group of friends are concerned.
We won't dwell on the negativity of 2016.
Onward and upward!!
Happy New Year!!


  1. How wonderful it is to share time, food, bubbly with friends . . .
    Happy New Year . . .
    I hope Mister Sprinkle is feeling chipper once again . . .

  2. Happy New Year! Hope Hubs is better. Hugs for the pupsters...