Wednesday, December 28, 2016


 My mother-in-law is 86 years old.  Not so spry physically, but her mind is still sharp as a tack.
And each year she remembers us at Christmastime with a lovely bouquet of greenery sprinkled with flowers in the colors of the season.... red and white.
It adds a great flavor of the holiday to our home, and although we don't expect her to send it, we do so appreciate the love and thoughtfulness that we know is behind this great gift.
 We are at an age in life where our closets, drawers and shelves are FILLED with all that we could possibly need and then some.
So to EXPECT anything would be silly and selfish as well.
 Do we exchange gifts between us, my husband and I?
Of course we do, but small things like new cookie sheets and packages of Ghirardelli chocolates from me to him,
 and new fuzzy housecoats or a pair of leather gloves to protect from the cold, from him to me.
Logical things.
Practical things.

 As we age, our need for 'things' simply disappears into the four walls around us and instead our concerns become our children and mostly our grandchildren.

 Making THEIR Christmas cheery and bright and memorable, even from afar, is where our expectations now lie.
 We will settle for the simpler things for us.
Like a platter full of giambotto that will feed us for days,
and a New Year's Day goose cooked by the loving hands of a neighbor.
 A roof overhead, a roaring fire to warm our hearts and our toes,
now what else could two people of our age need?

This world can dash your dreams in a heartbeat,
Place you expectations in what you see before you and all else you receive will be a surprise.

Hope your Holidays have been THE BEST!


  1. Wonderful post . . .
    Well said . . .
    Beautiful flowers/gift . . .
    Happy twenty seventeen . . .

  2. Yes, this is a wonderful post...very thoughtfully written. Wishing you a Happy New Year! Where does the time go... xoxo

  3. What a nice idea..I remember when I used to send flowers to a lot of people..Way too expensive these days..Hope you both had a wonderful Christmas and all the best to you in 2017

  4. Lovely floral arrangement, I bet those lilies smell wonderful! So nice to have fresh flowers in the midst of the winter!! Happy New Year!