Monday, January 2, 2017

You Cooked My Goose

 *my husband David and neighbor Juan slicing the goose*
I recall at Thanksgiving time this past year, that many bloggers as well as columnists posted write-ups about "how to get through Thanksgiving dinner without arguing politics", or "how to get through the Holidays without killing a relative".  There can be a lot of angst, even between family members, and for the most part it was suggested that politics or past disagreements simply be left at the door.  Good advice!!
 *neighbor's labradoodle, Coco supervising goose carving*
Families can get messy.  There is a lot of love, but for some families there can also be a lot of past hurts that one person just won't let go of and feelings are inevitably bubbling to the surface year after year causing more emotional damage.
 I suppose that is why I have always preferred the gathering of friends on New Year's rather than the messy emotional stuff that Christmas and Thanksgiving are made of.
 Christmas and Thanksgiving seem to be made out of the past but the New Year is NEW , SHINY and BRIGHT and dedicated to sloughing off the past and ringing in the new; looking to the future and the year ahead.  Better times. 
 On this fabulous New Year I am hoping for more green beans, acorn squash, browned rice and perhaps another goose, and a spicy pumpkin pie for dessert.
No politics, plastic babies in mangers, or being reminded of who did what to who 20 years ago.
Just healthy food and the light conversation of sweet friends.
*Izzy wearing her New Year look.  A Thunder Shirt to keep her feeling safe and assured that the fireworks would not get her.*
 I'll have some kibble and chicken broth please, without being reminded that I was a naughty puppy last year.  It makes me all angsty.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year Di and David, also to Rowdy and Izzy!!

  2. Happy New Year To the four of you.I hope 2017 is good to you

  3. Happy New Year! Your meal looks delish...need to pick up some acorn squash. Izzy looks pretty in her Thunder Shirt. My Riley wears one and it seems to help. I sprinkle some lavender essential oil on it too.

  4. Looking quite yummy at the New Year table . . .
    How does a Izzy do with the Thunder Shirt?
    Snickers finds hers quite comfy!
    Does the trick . . .