Thursday, January 19, 2017

Beans Or Pre-Ground With The Inauguration

 The view out the back of our house towards the Shenandoah Mountains as we sat down to eat our dinner last night.
The days are getting longer and it is no longer dark at 5pm, but the cold last night truly seeped into my bones as we dined on spaghetti and meatballs.
Sometimes it just takes something more to keep your engine warm.

 Our days start with coffee.
We buy whole bean and grind it ourselves, but sometimes I mess up and grab the ground coffee at the store and then need to take it back the next day and exchange for the whole bean.  The gal at customer service gives me a funny crooked eye look and says that most of their customers buy ground so end up doing exchanges from whole bean to ground.
That's country folk I guess.
We have been grinding our own for as long as I can recall, but each to their own I suppose.
I just find the pre-ground to be messy and end up spilling it on the counter and floor and then have to drag out the broom and dustpan at 6AM when I am still bleary-eyed and an uncoordinated messy old woman.
 Every household has their own favorite brand as well as flavor and strength of brew when it comes to that morning cup, and we are no different than any other household in the U.S.  We have been buying Kona beans for YEARS.... first Mill Mountain brand but this past year or two have switched to the store brand which is just as good if not better.  We like something light tasting or we end up with heart burn.  Not Nice!
BUT, this past year I tried something new.... it's Ethiopian Yangacheffe flavor, and it's even lighter than the Kona.
I'm pretty much loving it... and even though Hubby has not expressed an either/or preference, he seems to be okay with it.
No complaints thus far.
 It was in the lower thirties outside this morning....
and this 'but first coffee' motto did not hold true since the pups generally come first.
*love my mug!*
Izzy can be relentless until she is fed and the two of them have been out for a morning run around the property.

Are YOU a coffee snob with a preference for beans or pre-ground or a specific flavor?
This inquiring mind would love to know as would all of America.

P.S.  Who is watching the Inauguration tomorrow?
I'll be having Beans with mine.... if I watch it....

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  1. Not a morning coffee gal . . . used to be.
    Never will get tired of the fragrance though.
    Curiosity gets the cat . . . I am sure I will watch some of the inauguration.