Sunday, January 15, 2017

Grilling In Wintertime

 With the arrival of springtime weather in the dead of winter, well.... who's to say you can't grill on your deck in January?
That's exactly what we did two days ago. 
 My husband grilled up a few hamburgers for his next few meals, and I chose to have him grill me a few turkey burgers, because grilling them and getting just a teeny char mark on them just makes them so much better than cooking them indoors.
Now, these were not homemade turkey burger patties, they were purchased frozen... two packs of three in each box, made by Butterball
 *not being paid by Butterball to mention their product btw*
The instructions on the box said not to thaw them, but I didn't read the instructions, so mine were thawed before going on the grill.
THEN we made a great slaw salad and warmed some beans for a real picnic like meal,
and I also put a slice of cranberry atop my burger in a bun.
This was a great meal, a super duper treat to have grilled burgers on an evening in January.
How about you?
When did you last use your grill and what was on it?


  1. We grill often in the winter, in fact we had steak on the grill last night. I have a box of those turkey burgers in my freezer. Next time we heat up the grill, I'll throw a couple on.

  2. Thanks a lot!
    I'm hungry for sure, looks so good.
    I think the last thing we had on the grill was asparagus . . .
    Yummy . . .
    (The cranberry sounds so good, thank you for passing on the idea!)

  3. Grilled food just tastes better...besides you have the mess outdoors! ha! If you go to BJ's Brewhouse, they have an excellent turkey burger. BJ's is in Indiana and Texas, don't know about VA. Have an excellent Monday! xoxo