Saturday, January 14, 2017

Daydreaming A Bit

So.  About the coat I bought.
Our temperatures had been in the 20's and 30's, and nights in the teens.
SO.  This week we are in the upper 40's to low 60's. 
I guess I'll have to hope for another frigid week so I can wear it.
At least it's waiting in the closet for when I DO need it, but better safe than sorry one of our mottos.

I had a medical check up Thursday.... the one where the draw blood to check for any unseen problems and to make sure that my meds are doing what they are supposed to, like the cholesterol levels.  Sort of like raising the hood to check the oil and kicking the tires a couple of times.  I was surprised that I had lost 4 pounds.  CRAZY, considering we just went through the season of stuffing our faces with sugar and all sorts of huge holiday meals.  This weight loss thing.... perhaps I should continue it.

My husband went to Lowes to buy salt for the water softener.  He also came home with a new faucet for the sink in the laundry room, a nice one too!  He gets annoyed when things are not to his liking and the other faucet really is a piece of shit. 
*I've always liked the word shit*
 We hope to also replace that sink soon and make a few other changes to the laundry room.  The previous owners installed cheap cabinets a well as a cheap sink and we have plans to change that.  When my husband is caught up on projects for his clients' coding needs, he tends to look for projects around the house and yard to keep him busy.  I don't mind, but sometimes his potty mouth swearing gets to me.... We were discussing the project over lunch today and I mentioned that 'now I'll have to listen to all your swearing back in the laundry room'.  So, he threw a couple of swear words into our conversation just as as a warm up of things to come.  LOL

A few bloggers have been posting about cleaning out their closets and cabinets now that the Holiday season has come and gone.  Sitting here glancing around and MAN...could this place use some cleaning.  I did go through the pile of papers on the corner of my desk and found a few things that required being filed away, and quite a few pieces of paper that I shredded.  Now it's time to get the Lemon Pledge and a dust rag.  Ugh.

Speaking of desks.... I kind of want a new one and am looking at ordering THIS ONE, or THIS ONE.
Just day dreaming I guess.

 So, temperatures are springtime warm and it's raining and the birds are chirping as though it were nesting time, which it is not.  Winter storms can surprise us..... as well as the birds, so I hope they have their heads screwed on straight
and don't build that nest yet.  As for me?  I need to clean and nest a bit!


  1. Like your coat . . .
    Like your new desk choices . . .
    Like you and your, "tell it like it is!"
    Weather is so goofy . . .
    10 degrees one day, 40-50 the next . . .
    Clothing conveyor belt day's . . . to be continues!

  2.'s me, Mona. Thank you for checking in with you very dear comment. I appreciated it. One day I will be back in the saddle..I think about it. I am fine though. I've found I seem to survive everything. Lots of rain for us and a delightful snow pack in our mountains. My son's home is on a hill facing the mountains that are deep in snow. It's gorgeous. He would have loved it.
    You look well and lovely as always. Sending love and thanks again. Mona

  3. The weather has been just crazy this winter. That is a gorgeous coat, needs to be worn...just wait, it will get cold again. Ah, the swearing...I think Gordon Ramsey is the Kind of Cursing... Good luck with the cleaning...that is best done when the mood strikes... xoxo