Monday, January 23, 2017

Lincoln Lincoln Bo Bincoln Banana Fana Fo Fincoln Fee Fi Bo Lincoln

 This is Lincoln hanging out on our front porch wanting our pups to come outside and play with him.
 He lives down the road and his family owns chickens, a rooster, and also a turkey.
The rooster and turkey guard the property from intruders who have plans to harm the chickens.
Lincoln could give a shit about the chickens and that's our fear, that he would lead Rowdy and Izzy to his house which would no doubt end up in the demise of a few chickens.
You see... Rowdy and Izzy chase after anything with wings, and we don't care to be replacing someone's dead chickens.

 So, Lincoln stands on our porch and cries for Rowdy to come out and play, but until this RAINY weather dries up and we can go out and supervise the playtime.... Lincoln will simply have to cry.
He's a sweet boy, but for now these pups will just have to look at one another through our glass storm door and dream about the fun days ahead.
 It's hard to remember, but I think this may have been one of the last dry days we had this month.
So much rain.
So little snow.
 Rowdy loves to stand with his feet upon our stone wall and peek through the bushes when his dad is working in the backyard.
 Alpha dogs always need to know what is happening anywhere on the property at all times
so they can be sure everyone is safe from intruders.
 But Izzy has had enough of Rowdy's serious ways and runs to the front porch, grabs her favorite raggedy rope and bring it to Rowdy to add a bit of fun into the moment.
 So Rowdy gives up his alpha stance on the wall and decides it's time for a bit of play.
 He is sometimes TOO serious, so Izzy is the balance he needs in life to remind him that dogs should play every single day.

They make a great duo.

But, Lincoln is still waiting to play too.
I'm certain he will be back tomorrow.

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  1. Love seeing the "kiddies" . . .
    Snickers gets to do a "run free" when she visits TJ at my daughters.
    Bliss . . . they watch out for one another.
    Three in the mix . . . wonder where Lincoln would lead the "kiddies!"