Monday, December 14, 2015

Wild Country Living

 For those of you ladies doing fashion posts,  I guess it's been a while since I have done one, but to be honest I just didn't think I had anything I wanted to show you for a while.
 Recently I noticed an email pop up on my list for 50% off on some jackets and coats at The Loft, and I do love some of their clothes.
I not longer opt to wear their dresses since putting on this weight around the middle, because to be honest most of the dresses at The Loft are form fitting and no longer flatter my waistline. Tight dresses show every sign of blubber a gal has, and that's just not something I like to do.
If it doesn't bother you, then go for it.
 I had bought the large, toasty, warm, bright, blue and white scarf a couple of months ago at Marshalls, and today is the first time I chose to wear it.  There hasn't been enough blue added into my wardrobe this past year.... this fall it seems as though the color red has filled most of my hangers.
I rather like this blue and it made me feel vibrant and happy.
Our skies are grey as of late and color always lifts my spirits this time of the year.
 The coat I settled on at The Loft that was on sale is a lightweight puffy coat, but it doesn't add a lot of bulkiness to my look due to the fact that it is SO lightweight. It's cut well and it allows for a sweater to be worn underneath... layering is important to those of us who are hot flash prone. I try to bear that in mind when making my clothing purchases... will it, or will it not allow me to layer and take a layer off when the heat comes a calling?
 Along with the coat and the scarf, I chose a pair of faded jeans from Macy's, a purchase made a few months back, a blue snow flake patterned turtleneck shirt, my OLD black boots from Naturalizer that I will never ever ever get rid of, and of course my Minnetonka leather hat.

Just another simple and casual fashion look that suits living here in the mountains of Virginia.

Check out that rye grass behind me!!  It's still a blinding green, and yesterday my husband noticed that a bear had pooped on it!
Guess we need to put out a 'Stay Off The Grass' sign.  
Wild country living around here!

Silly Video while using Selfie Stick.


  1. BLUE is for YOU . . .
    Great puffie coat too . . .

  2. Love the blue scarf and the color is great on you! Mercy the bears come that close??!! Down here we have gators...guess they are both scary. We love to go out in the swamps and see them

  3. You look fantastic in blue! Oy, that's all you need in your backyard...bears...