Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Gift Ideas

Here are a few gift ideas, or something for yourself if you likey!

Going shopping?  Don't want to drag a purse along?
Try these.

A Phone Wallet Case.  This would be so handy.
Or a Card Key Fob.  This one is pretty.

WOW... this coat is a great price!! 

The jingle jangle sound of multiple Brighton bangles.  I have three but might just need three more.

For that inner Foxy YOU!

Would TOTALLY buy this fur collared cape if I needed another coat.  Has received great comments.
Just a quick note on capes.  My mother in law is 86 so she has difficulty placing her arms into a coat, so we purchased her a cape from a different retail store on line and it is perfect for her.  She no longer struggles with putting on a coat when she goes grocery shopping or to appointments.  Just thought I would mention that, since a cape is great option for the elderly.

Have fun shopping.
don't forget to VOTE TODAY!!


  1. Some great ideas. I've always loved coats but I just don't need many here. If I did, I'd probably have a closet full.

  2. Good gift ideas! I usually put my identification, debit card and some cash in a pocket. Hate carrying a heavy bag for any length of time...my neck and shoulders complain...loudly...

  3. These are wonderful gifts ideas! Thanks for sharing and have a terrific weekend!


  4. What lovely ideas for presents.