Saturday, November 5, 2016

 My favorite month of the year, October came and went, and now it's suddenly November.  Days are warm, some blue skies, some dreary skies, and last night we had our first VERY light frost which appeared on our rooftop. Not a hard frost yet, and it's quite late in autumn without that yet happening.
Tomatoes, as of yesterday, were still being picked from our garden, and my husband will be checking on those left in the garden to see if last night's temperatures harmed them.  It's been an awesome tomato year at our house, with a harvest so large that we have been sharing with three of our neighbors who are glad to take them off our hands.  My husband did not want to do any canning this year, so gifting the tomatoes was the way to go in 2016.  And it's an easy thing to do since their doorways are just a few steps away from ours.  No phone calls necessary, just beg the tomatoes, skip down the driveway a piece. and drop them off. 

Tuesday will be the last day of tension, since voting happens.  Hopefully this will put an end to some of the unwarranted bickering that has been going on for so very long... the only thing left will be remorse for some.  You really can't depend on national polls to tell you anything.  Depending on where you get your political news the polls vary, so don't bet on the results you think you are going to get.  Just know that the entire World is watching this horse race.

P.S.  We have LOTS of tomatoes for tossing when the election is over if you feel the need to lob a few.


  1. We've had a few cool evenings but no hard frost yet. A volunteer watermelon vine showed up in the potato patch....go figure...don't think there are enough warm days for it to get much bigger. It will probably be fed to the chicken.

  2. We had a ton (and a half) of tomatoes this year as well. And my husband planted kale for the first time. Gad. You can't kill that stuff. It's still edible after a couple of killing frosts! Btw... thanks for that comment on my blog the other day. Much appreciated:)

  3. Beautiful home and setting you have created . . .
    Let's hope we'll turn the corner after Tuesday and remember some
    kindness, regard and civility . . .
    We must . . . we must!