Saturday, October 8, 2016

Rain Comes Inland

 Things were just beginning to look like fall at our house, with just a sprinkling of browned leaves hitting the ground, which is how it begins every year.
 First part of October.... brown leaves, and in the weeks ahead the golds and red follow.

 Then the clouds rolled in.... puffy white ones, which soon turned gray and a bit ominous,
 And now we are in day two of torrential rains which should have been light showers at best, but the arms/bands of hurricane Matthew have found us and turned us into a bowl of soup.
Our hearts certainly go out to those along the Atlantic coastline with flooding from the rains and ocean surges who are losing property and sometimes life.
Living without electricity is such a challenge too.
Thinking of all of those affected.... our hearts go out to you.


  1. We have over 4" in the rain gauge this morning. Surprise!

  2. A gully washer! Although this was a bad storm, it sounds as though it could have been much much worse if it hit harder onshore.

  3. Nice post Diane . . .
    I can't imagine the water damage to the coast and inland.
    The rain will keep you green for a bit longer in amongst the brown, golds and red . . .

  4. Heavy rain is never welcome...just glad you didn't get wind damage. Are your dogs like mine when it's raining hard..."nope, don't believe I'll go out"...

  5. Envious of the rain; we sure could use some in far southwest VA. btw, you've been on my mind, in my prayers...for the life of me, could "see" your face but could NOT remember your name and just saw your post on Lynne's blog. hurrah! hope you and yours have been well, healthy and happy.

  6. What a lovely property! I hope the rain will slow down for you soon.

  7. You live in such a beautiful area! I love the pictures with the leaves on the driveway. Hope you enjoy every bit of the fall season.