Saturday, October 22, 2016

Life Is Finite

You all know, as I have expressed it here so many times, how much I love autumn,
but it can at times bring on the feeling or the realization that there is a finite-ness in life, and the older I get the stronger those feelings become each year.

Yesterday morning we had a small rainstorm pass through and the winds kicked up a bit.
My husband headed out to the garden to pick more tomatoes that are still ripening as we await the first frost of the season, and the pups headed out with him to romp behind the garden.... one of their favorite places to play on our property, because that's where lots of small critters hide.  Rowdy especially loves running into the woods and works hard to stir up fear in the hearts of squirrels. gophers, bunnies and sometimes even a fox.

So, here's my video of just a few minutes from our day with the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind, my husband carrying the tomatoes to the house, and the pups as they scamper in the cool air.


  1. I am in awe that you are still picking tomatoes. Ours gave up the ghost long ago.

  2. Your lawn and all the fall leaves looks so pretty. I love your morning coffee spot view!

  3. Just love your property...the fall colors are beautiful and are a gift from nature before the snow flies. We pulled the rest of our tomatoes but we do have a volunteer watermelon braving the cool temps.

  4. Life is not only finite but shorter than we think or want.

  5. Love the video/music . . .
    Thinking about "finite"
    and the the love song.
    You have created a beautiful home and setting.