Sunday, October 23, 2016

He Continues The Harvest

It was another day under clear blue skies, and my husband continued the harvesting of his tomatoes... the garden that just keeps on giving this year it would seem.  Then he gathered fallen leaves from the Bradford Pear trees and nestled them around my porch pumpkin for a bit of color... he's quite the porch decorator these days.  LOL
I had planned to go into town, but my sciatic has been poking at me for a few days and I decided to stay home and give it another day of peace so that it will leave. me. alone!

Lots of Thermacare heat pads seem to be helping things along, as well as a Bayer aspirin here and there.
But enough about me....
Tell us what's new with you!
AND... would you just check out the blue October sky in the photo up above.


  1. Ouch, sorry about your pains. Love the blue skies and Autumn colors. They make my heart sing with joy! Fa la la. xo

  2. LOVED the video . . .
    Truly is "the little things" like
    Blue Sky
    A Gift of Pear Leaves
    A Tomato Harvest

  3. Thank you for the gift of tomatoes - and the visit! It was so lovely to see you. You're one special lady! xxoo My hubby was tinkled "tomato red" when he saw those 'maters.

  4. What a beautiful video! I love all these fall colors and vibes. Love your porch and hope you feel better soon.

  5. Lovely colours and blue sky! Hope you feel better soon.