Friday, October 21, 2016

Giving Up The Color So Soon?

 This was our morning view today as we stepped out to the porch to drink our first cup of coffee.
What a delicious view!
 These snapshots of the driveway and Rowdy watching over his domain were snapped a day or two ago, and I am SOOOO glad I took them when I did,
 because by 9AM today it was raining and gusting and bringing leaves to the ground faster than you can spell deciduous correctly.
 It's also twenty degrees cooler than yesterday.... a nice change when it comes to comfort, although you won't convince my 62 year old knees of that.
 The crepe myrtle is giving it up for this year.

Ten days until Halloween and then it's November already.
Started thinking about Christmas yet and that whole red and green vibe?


  1. I've bought a couple of presents already. Sigh. I am wondering if our colors will be very vibrant this year. So far not.

  2. Some years the rains knock the leaves down before we can enjoy them. Leaves are just now turning here. We had a ton of rain this week...expecting a light frost this weekend.