Friday, October 28, 2016

Ho Ho Plaid

 My husband sent me off to make a purchase for him in town a few days ago, and it just happened to be at a store near Kirklands....
 And you know how much me loves some Kirklands.
 It's early for Christmas, but if you don't buy some things early, then you miss out on fun brown and red plaid pillows.
 as well as red volkswagons hauling Christmas trees on top pillows!
 So these adorable throw pillows came along home with me.
 The volkswagon is embroidered!  Beep Beep!
 and it looks so great with the plaid pillows,
 which, by the way.... have FUR TRIM!!
I know that you traditional Christmas folks don't want anything Christmasy in the house until after Thanksgiving, but as I said... if you don't buy these now, they'll be gone and you'll have to buy all the duddy looking stuff.
As for me?
If it shouts fun.... I will have it now and use it now.
I mean... they're just pillows.. it's not as though I have my Christmas tree up yet.



  1. Love those pillows. And the plaids can be used all year round because they really add a pop of color in that room. Fun!

  2. Love seeing all the red plaid this year . . .
    I have always been a "red plaider!"
    My take is to purchase some fabric and make covers for my pillows . . .
    But . . . that means I would have to "do it" and I keep putting it off . . .
    Plus I wouldn't have a VW with a cute tree on top!