Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Back To New Music

Terrific Tuesday to you!

There was a time when EVERY Tuesday on this blog was devoted to new music.... I then got away from doing such a post because to put it simply... it was way too much work.
BUT, today I came across these artists, and they had Vince Gill on the CD, so I mean... VINCE. GILL. !!
I've always loved his soft croon.

So here is Johnnyswim  and 'Lonely Night In Georgia'.

And here is an older video by Johnnyswim that caught my ear and eye.
So cute with the dune buggy.  Oh I miss the dune buggy week-ends at Dad's house!!

Here they are doing 'Christmas Waltz'  because they have a Christmas CD from a year or two ago that's pretty nice!

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