Thursday, September 15, 2016

Just For Them

I suppose you could say that we have lived in enough homes, that by this decade in our lives we know all of the finer necessities and elements in a house that make it a livable house.
Now, when you have a back door to a house, it's imperative, in our humble opinion, that there be a cover of some type over the door... front door of the house too.  Simply entering or leaving a home by way of a door with no cover and having to stand out in the pouring rain or snow just doesn't cut it.
The BEST thing we added to this house since our purchase in 2013 was the roof covering over the basement entry to the house.... 
Having rain, or snow that piles up. butting up against a door sill leads to wood rot as well.
IT will save you headaches and construction repair costs in the years ahead to add some type of cover over your entryways.
And, it gives your guests a feeling of welcome if they aren't soaking wet when they step indoors.
Dress the area up a bit and everyone will be happier.
And, if you have fur babies, they will be happy about this too!
It gives them time to consider if they want to step out from under the dry roof and do their business.
It can be a BIG decision for them when it's raining and thundering.
Yes yes.... we built our entryway roof just for them.


  1. Hahaha! Loved that last comment about the dogs! When we had a fifth wheel we said it was "Molly's House" as that is the dog we had at the time and since we wanted to take her with us when we traveled we said we bought it for her! Love that slate at the bottom of your stairsteps. Looks so pretty. Nancy

  2. Your property is so lovely!! I love the overhang, it is incredibly valuable, no doubt!

  3. I love that picture of your dogs!! They get along really great dont they?

  4. I am sure they are appreciating the roof coverage
    And are saying, THANK YOU!

  5. Beautiful property! Nice flowers and dogs ♥

  6. An exterior door definitely needs some sort of covering. If not for the the dogs, then for the guests...ha! Love the picture of the pups contemplating their options.

  7. You are so correct. Our new to us home doesn't have coverage and we are in snow country. The elements have caused rot and decay. These are on the long list to be done before snow flies again this year. Love how you have enclosed under the deck!