Tuesday, August 16, 2016

An Exclusive Star

 Our mornings have been a wee bit dreary in the weather department,
stymied by a fog that seems to hover over our little mountain each day for a few hours due to heavy humidity, late afternoon showers and warm over night temperatures.
 Even by eight o'clock in the morning after a steaming cup of coffee, toast and eggs, the sidewalk lights and those atop the columns at the driveway's entrance, are still lighting the way for the deer and their fawns who have been out and about, very active in late summer.
 If not for looking forward to that cup of coffee with a tasty splash of flavored coffeemate, 
I would probably stay in bed until nine, because THAT and the morning sunshine are my main reasons for rising early.
 They both put a bit of sparkle in  my day....
so today I headed out and bought some sparkle.
It's the Roanoke VA Star dangle charm commissioned by the Penelope store and sold exclusively by their store.
If you are a fan of Roanoke, VA, and looking for one, well.... you won't find it online, or in any of the Pandora mall stores.  You will have to visit the Penelope store in Daleville and come buy one.  I don't think they will mail you one either, so if you are intent on having one let me know and I'll see what I can do about getting one for you.

I know you Roanoke girls that live out of state are soooo jealous.

P.S.  It's made for their bracelets, but I choose to wear mine on a chain.  
Loving my exclusive sparkle!


  1. Pretty "sparkle" in your foggy morning world . . .

  2. I love the morning mist over the garden - it's dreamy!

  3. It has been so hot that I am happy for days with no sun!! Nice bling..

  4. What a beautiful place! I love that deck. You new piece of jewelry is gorgeous!


  5. Just found your blog through your comment on Shelley's. I know Roanoke fairly well - my daughter just graduated from Washington and Lee. Your pics are stunning!! Enjoy your week.

  6. That is a really gorgeous necklace! Love it! Still misty there? Its sweltering here still