Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Jessica Simpson

 Oh ho hum.  I guess it's time for a fashion post since it's been FOREVER since I've done one.
First, let me stand up and show you what I am wearing.

 My husband is out mowing the lawn, so it's rather noisy out here..... but the sunlight was better here on the porch than indoors today.  The drapes are drawn to help keep the heat outside, because it is August after all, and the heat and humidity are quite the bummer.... so let's get this fashion shoot done so I can head back indoors to the chill of the air conditioning.

 I'm wearing a long shirt, or short dress... some sort of smocky, lightweight comfy apparel in the Jessica Simpson brand from Belks.  It was marked down or it would never have come home with me at the original price.

 The black stretchy, light fabric leggings in black have been in my closet for years, but they come in handy for wearing under shirts such as this, that don't quite know if they are a shirt or a dress.  
Shoes/clogs are of a soft leather by Ariat.  They are super comfortable.  I also have them in brown.
 My sunglasses are from the optometrist office since they had to have prescription lenses.  Sometimes I see great looking sunglasses that I would love to wear in funky looks, but my prescription keeps me in this pair...

Thanks for stopping by today.... now excuse me while I go grab a glass of iced tea and cool off.

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  1. You always look great! Very boho look with that tunic - cute! Now, add some bourbon to that iced tea and get back in the A/C!!