Monday, August 8, 2016

Won't Worry Our Little Heads

 The first week of August has already passed us by,
 and already the days are shorter and the nights are longer....
and it no longer stays light until after nine at night.
 It's nothing to worry our sweet little heads about.
 It just means that we are one week closer to October.
A change in the look of the light, and we all breathe a bit easier knowing that the cooler days are near.

Another cloudy/rainy day and my soul feels relief from the torturous heat of summertime.


  1. I have the same hummingbird feeder. They seem to favor it over the other one I have hanging. I think its the red glass.

  2. Oh my yes . . . the closer we get to October the happier I am . . .
    Our electric bill came today . . . the highest it has ever been.
    That is what 80-90's, irrigation system running twice a day, very high humidity can bring . . . YIKES!
    Not ready for snow yet but some cooler days/nights would be welcomed!