Monday, August 1, 2016

How About A Hydrangea Instead

 I went for a drive in search of a sunflower field, but I have not come across any in our area for a few years.
 So I headed home with these hydrangea photos from a local garden center instead.
 My own hydrangeas have done NOTHING for a couple of years.
They have been a complete disappointment to me.
 Sometimes you have to take what you can get when it comes to photographing living things in this world.
Hydrangeas are a good thing
I still hope to capture the elusive sunflower.


  1. Mighty nice hydrangea pictures my friend . . .
    I hope you find a sunflower field . . .
    Soon . . .

  2. Very pretty pictures! I love hydrangeas especially those big blue ones!! Mopheads i think they are called?

  3. The hydrangeas are gorgeous! Wish they were in my yard. I have three plants and nary a bloom...naughty girls... You would be disappointed in my sunflowers...paltry patch of about six plants.

  4. The flowers are beautiful ♥

  5. I love hydrangeas. Mine aren't doing well cause they are getting too much sun. I didn't plant them in a shady enough spot so plan to move them in the fall. I would love to have some like the ones in your pic. There used to be a huge sunflower field -- acres of them -- in Franklin, TN, that we would ride our bikes by in the summer. Nothing like seeing acres of those yellow beauties!