Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hit Or Miss Endeavor

 Although we have had LOTS of tomatoes from the garden this year, the rest of our home grown crop has been discouraging.
 No cucumbers at all, and only a few very small squash with bell peppers not nearly as bountiful as in years past.... in fact I probably won't be stuffing any peppers this year.
 But we are thankful for what we have grown successfully and will simply hope for better weather during next year's growing season.

 But what has been good enough to pick goes straight up the hill to the house.
 Rowdy helps in any way he can.... like following along behind.
That's helpful, right?
 Izzy needs a refreshing drink too....

 There's just nothing quite as tasty as cold cold well water from the hose.
It's a delicacy.
It's a hit or miss endeavor.


  1. Squash and cucumbers didn't do well in our garden either this year. I guess the extreme heat was just too much. Looks like your husband gets plenty of help from the dogs! Cute!

  2. Gardening, or any kind of agriculture for that matter, is iffy. Sure glad we don't rely on our garden to make a living. We do have a second planting of green beans ready, although they aren't as plentiful. I am saving the seeds from a French green beans we like. The chickens love the overgrown zucchini and the split tomatoes. I love your dogs...the picture of hubs giving them a drink is on my Pets board.

  3. I think the garden and flower thingy is a "nit or miss" deal . . .
    Six plus weeks of humidity did a number around here.
    Your yard and garden looks wonderful and it also looks like a few things make their way back up the hill.
    If all else fails, get in line with Izzy and Rowdy . . . Nothing better than a "cold cold drink of well water!"

  4. That would be "hit or miss " . . .