Thursday, July 28, 2016

Beating The Heat On A Hot Summer Day

 These two, Rowdy and Isabelle, have been doing a lot of this activity.
 Lying indoors snuggled against one another, looking outside and making small growly sounds at anything that moves.  A butterfly on the porch or a tiny bird in the yard.  A bee buzzing through  clover. Vehicles that pass by on the neighbor's lane just the other side of the Leland Firs.
 Anything to entertain themselves from the inside looking outside on a HOT and humid mid-summer day.
 I don't venture out much either, unless for groceries... like more berries to blend into a refreshing smoothie.  

 The pause that refreshes.
it's heathy and cholesterol lowering too!
Frozen mixed berries
Fresh ginger
Protein powder
Almond Milk

I don't list measurements on these ingredients because it's different every time.
Just wing it.


  1. The smoothie looks refreshing for a hot summer day! I love it when dogs are too contented where they are to get up and bark, just growl a warning... They have their priorities straight!

  2. They're no dummies (except maybe that they are lying in the sun)..I'm so tired of sweating..Your smoothie looks very refreshing.have a good weekend..

  3. Love the Rowdy/Izzy snuggle look . . .
    Looking for a breakfast smoothie . . .
    Know what I am hoping to have . . .
    Freshly picked blueberries too!
    Thanks . . .

  4. Sometimes Bloglovin changes my words . . .
    'hoping' should have been 'going' . . .
    Off I go . . . to some YUM!