Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cute Phone Cases

We FINALLY purchased Smartphones this year a few months ago, and although we chose to use Otterboxes for the safety of our phones, here are a few cute phone cases if that's your phone cover of choice.

Like llamas?  Here are a few choices, and I think they are adorable.

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Into giraffes and their infectious smiles?

Pressed Flowers? 

Feeling like a thug?




Cute Mother Nature?

this website has some super cute covers!

Of course you also need to google your phone model, and many of these come to fit a multitude of phone styles.

Don't forget that you can always choose a boring but safe case for your phone with an Otterbox.  I have, but still, I totally want a fun one too.
Have fun looking and shopping.

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  1. I agree . . . some fun/cute phone cases out there . . .
    Gotta have the safety Otterbox though too . . .