Monday, July 25, 2016

In Full Swing

 A while back I needed to make a run to our vet's office to pick up a supply of the regular monthly meds that we give to our pups.  Flowers were in full bloom on the front steps into the building and demanded my full attention with camera in hand.
I have to wonder what they look like this week with our very high outdoor temperatures beating down on them.
Anyway.... they made me smile.
I have to be sure to tell my husband after I do the grocery shopping as to whether or not I have 'plans' for some of the food I buy so that he won't use them for his own meal planning purposes.
The cherry tomatoes and mushrooms were a part of the 'roasted veggies' for last night's meal.
Quite tasty!
 It's been in the upper 90's, so it's really just too hot to spend time on the porch... and that plant has moved indoors for it's own summer survival.  Smart plant!!

Rowdy doesn't care... he sits out there anyway, but we do have to monitor his time spent in small quantities.  He seems to have a 'summertime heat cranial disorder' (jk) that does not allow him to know when he is hot and to come inside, even when panting.  You would think he would get the hint.

Yes.  Summer is in full swing here in southwestern Virginia.


  1. It's too hot here also. I have our air on and when I get chilly I head out onto the porch to warm up a little. Im also not letting our dog out much in this heat.

  2. Nashville, TN is also unbearably hot! One of my dogs won't even go outside in this heat -- I have to make him go out to go potty and then he wants right back in. The other one would stay out all day if I let him - even when he is overheated. Silly pups.

  3. It seems to be hawt everywhere. It doesn't take long in this heat for a dog (or a human) to get sick. I monitor the time outdoors for my Chis. Unfortunately the chickens are not coming in to the air conditioning.

  4. Very HOT here too!
    Our porch has been vacant of people for a week!
    I am ready for some relief . . .