Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I Told My Husband About This One

When we lived in our last house I was prone to having nightmares quite often.... not sure if it was bad voodoo in the house or if it was the ice cream that I often ate prior to bedtime.  All I can say is that they were some VERY scary nightmares.  I have not had any scary dreams since moving into our current home.

I do get some dreams in the form of humor... I'll take it!  LOVE having fun dreams.
I told my husband about this one that I had this past week and he couldn't help but be amused.

Here's how it went.

I opened the front door to let the pups in the house but didn't see them right away... instead I saw a HUGE brown, shaggy, nasty brown bear out in the front yard.  He was lying face down and not moving, so I called to the pups and in the house they came with another animal (not sure what) that came in with them.  I booted the unwanted animal out the door and it ran away.
Then I looked over towards the ugly, face down, brown bear.
There was a black mama bear standing near him and her two black cubs were sniffing the legs and feet of the brown bear.
After sniffing it sufficiently, they and their mama bear walked away.
The huge brown bear lay there for a few more seconds and then jumped up on it's two hind legs and pulled it's head off... turns out it was a guy in a bear suit, and he yelled to me, "they sniffed me and touched me", and he was sort of freaking out a bit.
*image HERE*
I then turned my attention to the other side of the yard where our driveway is, but instead of a driveway it was all lawn and there was a swimming pool with six or eight black bear swimming and splashing around totally enjoying themselves.

Then I woke up laughing about the man in the bear suit that had surprised me by taking his head off.

 I have no idea where this dream came from within the depths of my brain since I gave up bedtime ice cream years ago.
Beary Beary Strange.


  1. You definitely had a funny dream...better than a nightmare!

  2. Dreams can be so weird!! Ha ha lol---- bears in the pool. Wonder if bears like to swim?