Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Superb Meal In Present Day

 HI!, it's me.... the crazy lady as some people would have it, and I am okay with that title since I am a HAPPY crazy lady.
I seem to find myself in an apron often... perhaps I should buy a better looking apron, considering that I have had this one for oh gee..... fifteen years perhaps.  I guess I like it because it's of a heavier fabric than most, not one of those flimsy ones with a non-adjustable neck strap.  Give me adjustable and I am a Happy crazy lady,
 We have been eating a bit smarter around here.  My husband still enjoys FAR too much red meat if you ask me, but I have switched to fish, chicken, turkey, etc.
I was surprised when this evening he asked if we should have salmon patties!
Oh how I love them.  As a child we generally had them smothered in creamed peas, something hubs is not fond of.  His family would serve them with mashed potatoes and butter and a side of yellow beans.
 We had them with just a tad of tartar sauce on top and then I made a beautiful three bean salad.
Here's the recipe I followed, and the only adjustment I make is to leave out all that nasty sugar... well... most of it.
The recipe calls for 3/4 cup of sugar!!!  WHAT?  Are they trying to kill us?
I used only 2 tsp. which was plenty, when you consider that onions have sugar in them as do the yellow bell peppers I used.
Please people.... STOP with all the sugar. 
 A few photos of the photos of our fabulous healthy meal with a lot of flavor.
 We laid the salmon patties atop a bit of fresh lettuce from our garden.
 And, as always, it goes without saying that you can use whichever kind of beans your family enjoys.
We did not have yellow beans so I used a white bean instead.
Happy Healthy Eating!


  1. Looks delicious. What did you put in the salmon patties? It's finally cooling down under 100 so I might be inclined to cook something.

  2. Yum, salmon patties! That may be our lunch today...I like a good mustard sauce too. We have fresh green beans from the garden and I may add some small Yukon taters. Pinned the bean salad recipe and made the comment to drastically cut back the sugar. What is wrong with people? Hubs loves AllRecipes. I always make the neck strap adjustable when I make an apron. xoxo