Friday, June 24, 2016

Gift Of Change

I came across this video performance by Yusuf Islam, earlier known as Cat Stevens, and decided you should hear it, if only because it's easy on the ears.  It has meaning behind the words as explains Yusuf at the start of the video.
We should all speak up for peace and goodness, don't you agree?

But why don't we?  Or perhaps I should say "why don't they?".
It's my opinion that those of us who knew how to do so way back in the days of Cat Stevens.... the rebellious years of the 60's and 70's, are just worn out.  We are tired.  We are getting old.  
AND the young ones of today don't seem to understand or practice the rebellious ways of earlier when people actually headed out to the streets in force.  Yes... actually into the streets marching, carrying signs demanding that things change.
Instead, today's protests are led online, and I am simply not sure that the same effects are felt in Washington DC as they were when tennis shoes, tattered jeans and long scraggly hair hit the streets.
Ruffians, scallywags, hippies, degenerates.... our generation
We weren't just spouting off about running naked in the fields of Woodstock with flowers in our hair and making love in the open.... we were changing the world in more ways than our children and grandchildren will ever know.  They are simply too busy, heads downward, texting and worrying about the latest way to communicate quietly and discreetly in Messenger, Facebook and Snapchat.  They don't seem to know anything about political dissent for the good of changing the world in a positive way.  
The changes WE gave them are too many to mention.
My hope is that they will give us the gift of change as well.

"Don't Let Your Feelings Just Roll On By"


  1. Ahhhh . . Cat Stevens . . . takes me back . . .
    Not sure where today's young will take life . . .
    I do agree . . . lift up your eyes, look and listen . . .
    I think today's passion rests in "what can I get" and not in "what can I give" . . .
    We "marched" for our passion, our future . . .
    (I am the only one awake right now . . I will listen to Yusuf soon. . .)