Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day Couch

 Father's Day and every day, it's a repetitive life we lead.
 Mornings, just after coffee, the leashes go on and it's time to walk the dogs.... and whether rain or shine, they get their daily walk because he's a good fur baby daddy.
 Once we return home the porch awaits us and emails are checked because we wouldn't want to miss out on what is going on in life beyond these four walls.
There are days I wish we could return to the past and not depend on technology.
All this keyboarding makes my shoulders hurt.
 We are loving doing our texting here though.... see that morning light streaming across the space?
In the late afternoon hours the sun is from the other direction, and it warms the pillows on the sofa
making it perfect for an afternoon nap... sleepy eye time.
He said he didn't care if I got a couch or not..... that he would 'probably never use it anyway'.
But I caught him with very sleep eyes, hard to keep them open, and snoozing a bit on that
'i don't care if you get it or not' couch.

He's a good man, but a putz for sure.

Hope the men in your life had Father's Day naps also.


  1. sure . . . not interested in "couching it" . . .
    until . . .
    looking perfectly relaxed . . .
    gotta love that "porch time!"

  2. We live a repetitive life too and I love it.
    And then I wonder if we should be doing more-
    And then I love it!
    Does this all make sense?
    There is nothing better than a nap :) even when we say we don't need a place to do so.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful routine. If your weather is anything like ours, early morning would be the time to walk. Your new couch is perfect for a snooze. xoxo