Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Overseer

So, Woodstock has been doing a great job of getting me up and moving first thing in the morning, and yesterday he got me up in time for the driveway sealers who arrived at 7:30.  Thanks, Woodstock!
 I waited up on the deck with Woodstock in hand, and my husband headed out to drive the activity.... he can't just let experts do their work.... he feels the need to oversee it all.  There he is in the black shirt and pants, my very own Johnny Cash looking dude, making sure they don't miss a spot.
Well, as you can see, his over-seeing was a success because the sealing crew did not miss a spot!

 We had an afternoon thunder/rainstorm, so hopefully enough of the oil had soaked into the paving by that time and the crew won't need to come back for touch-ups.
 We are also having violent rain and thunder this morning.
Guess I will wait until later to venture into town for my weekly grocery run, and I will be toting the groceries from where are vehicles are parked during the driveway drying period, into the house.
Hopefully my husband will be over-seeing and assisting with that activity as well.


  1. That's funny, my sweetie does the very same thing!!

  2. Good looking Woodstock cup there . . . I like it!!
    I'd say that is the best looking drive way . . . EVER . . .
    I LIKE your estate!

  3. Nothing wrong with a little supervision...driveway looks great...