Friday, June 17, 2016

Grilled Summer Squash Boats Recipe

I am always on the lookout for new recipes now that I am eating 'differently', trying to get my nasty cholesterol count down.  I've done very well all week, but tonight I cheated a teensy bit and had a bit of cheese.  It's one of the foods I have been leaving out of the choices I make when stuffing things in my mouth.

I came across THIS RECIPE for Grilled Summer Squash Boats so I decided to try them tonight, along with my leftover tilapia from last night and my husband had a leftover hamburger.
 Do click on the RECIPE LINK if you are interested in trying this.

We enjoyed it and at some point will make them again this summer.
P.S.  My husband is not a fan of cilantro it was left out of our squash boats.
 I am normally NOT a fan of tomatoes, but these juicy cherry tomatoes were quartered and then saute'd in basil
and I have to say that I really enjoyed them in these boats topped with a bit of cheese.
 We also sprinkled on a wee bit of garlic salt just to jazz it up a bit.

I recommend this recipe.
Give it a try this summer.


  1. Looking yummy . . .
    A tiny bit of cilantro goes a loooonng way for me . . .
    Now Mr Basil . . . bring him on!

  2. That looks very tasty! We are cilantro fans so would probably try this recipe both ways. xoxo

  3. Those look fantastic!! I love grilled veggies....and anything topped with cheese is a winner in my book!

  4. Yum, I'm going to try it for sure. It looks delish....I have some pounds to shed :(