Monday, April 11, 2016

Tools and Potatoes

 My husband has a work room in the basement.  It's a LARGE... VERY LARGE...unfinished room that houses the water heater, the internet box, and other items essential to the mechanics of our home.  I don't go into the room unless I am in the basement and happen to need a broom.  It's just not a girly room nor my idea of a fun place to spend time.
We also store seasonal items in this room, ie: fake Christmas trees, Halloween items, etc.
 For the first time in the history of our nineteen years together, my husband got a wild hair and decided to get WAY organized.  He went through everything and sorted through nuts, bolts, screws, electrical cords, drills, hammers, and all of the old Christmas items we have been dragging from home to hone back and forth across the USA a few times, and whittled the mess down.
He purchased bins and labeled everything too!
 Then he called his wife to assist in holding a panel of wood on the wall while he screwed it onto the wall to hang tools onto.
This is the first time in life that he has had the time to take on a project like this.... working in the corporate world simply zap his energy, but now he not only has time to be anal... he has time to be SUPER anal.
 Then up went the tools that he uses most.
 Actually.... this will be helpful to me also, since there are times I need a level.
And if you believe that... well.... I have a piece of swamp land in Florida I will sell you.
 So, are we done down here now, Mama?
 Why yes, my darling fur baby, we are.
 Once he was done for the day we pulled a meatloaf from the freezer from a few weeks ago, heated some corn, and I used the few baby red potatoes we had left, microwaved them, added butter and some fresh chopped parsley and a few sprinkles of pepper, and we called it 'dinner'.  Pretty delicious I might add.
 Turns out we both had quite an appetite.
And I WILL be making parsley baby red potatoes again.


  1. That's an envy to behold, for sure. Sometimes I need a hammer and would love to find one, but I won't around here!

  2. Like I've said . . . your hubs is a keeper.
    I love organization!

  3. Easy peasy to do red potatoes with butter and parsley in the microwave..and yummy too..It's nice to be organized..easier to find things..I guess I'm a little anal as well...Good job!!

  4. I am impressed! Organization is a beautiful thing...

  5. I like the anal organization!! And guess what? I made meatloaf last night, too.....yummmmmmm!!

  6. Those "taters" sure look good! The organizing paid off---looks great!