Saturday, April 16, 2016

Shining A Light

 It's been a few days, so I owe you a post here.
It's just that well... HEY.... it's springtime and I have been enjoying the sunshine a tad which takes me away from my keyboard.  Have to enjoy these lovely days before summer arrives which will cause me to complain a lot.
The garden has sprouted the asparagus which unfortunately we cannot cut for another year or two... first it needs to establish some solid roots.  But it's nice to see that it's come up this year!
 Strawberries were planted a year ago, and then we thought the had all died, but lookie lookie cookie wookie!  There are blossoms this year!
 Rhubarb is growing nicely too!  Oh my.... rhubarb pie.... I see it in our future!
My husband raked the garden and gathered up the weeds and volunteer plants and is mulching it for later use.  He doesn't waste a thing.

Me, just before leaving for town one day earlier this week.  My new glasses needed an adjustment in the lenses, so this was me standing in the small office off the kitchen.  That's a new scarf and shirt purchased from Steinmart.  Love that store and wish it was on our end of town instead of way over yonder....
 So, this is the small office, but this time of year it also serves as the area where my husband starts his tomato and green pepper seeds.  It has southern exposure light coming in the window.
It's sort of a catch all, multi purpose little room where his secondary computer sits where he does his scanning of old slides, and we stash extra platters and holiday plates, extra batteries, some screw drivers... just things that would otherwise end up in a kitchen junk drawer.  Every home should have one room like this.

 He took an old table lamp, placed on a block of wood, and he installed grow lights in it.
My engineer husband always finds a way.  LOL

 All seedlings labeled nicely.

Hope this post shines a light on what we have been up to...
More to come!


  1. Your garden and seeds are all doing great!!what seeds do yall have going?

  2. I think this will be your Master Garden year!
    (I would be so tempted to snip that asparagus . . .)

  3. You extra room for extra stuff is fab...the Brits call it a box room although I don't theirs has a window...anyhoo, it would be great to have one. Fresh asparagus is so tasty...we have a little bit more to pick... xoxo

  4. I want to start an asparagus patch, I just need to do a little more research. Can you send me some strawberry rhubarb pie please???? :)