Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Color To Brighten The Mood

 With winter temperatures returning to our area over the past few days and nights, the daffodils in the yard are coming to the end of their season.  I had cut a few and placed them in a vase, and to be honest... they faired qiute well indoors!
it was time to let them go today as their heads drooped with a last gasp.
So I went to the yard and cut a few more, since it won't be long and they will give it up also.
You can see that these don't look quite as crisp as they should, due to winter temperatures having returned to our area.
They've done their job for the year and put a broad smile on my face with each glance I have taken from my office window.

 There is absolutely no better color in the yard or in the home to bring a person's mood from bland to grand.
 It's why I chose to paint my office walls the lightest yellow I could.
Not a day goes by that I regret that decision.
Hope you are having a perfect Sunday!


  1. Thanks for the "daffy" cheer . . .

  2. Daffodils are just beautiful this year. I replanted some bulbs last year so the blooming is staggered a bit...still have some in bud. xoxo

  3. Our Daffys are over as well...this year is very strange...Things that should be in bloom at the same time..just aren't..Have a good week..