Monday, April 18, 2016

The Softest Spot

 There's a spot at the end of our driveway just beyond the entrance columns we had built last year,
 that has soft, silty, broken shale....and the pups love to lay there for a while when their human dad is working in that area of our property.
 He had taken down an old pine tree that no longer had any needles on it... a dead pine,
 and he sawed it so that it would drop right across that area of the driveway.
A perfect landing so to speak.
 And, once the cutting was done and I had raked up some of the smaller branches and tons of pine cones,
we let them out of the house and they immediately headed for their favorite soft spot.
 They can be soooo predictable.

Some have said that they cannot tell our dogs apart... but LOOK... how can they not?
Rowdy on the left and Izzy on the right.
They are so different in so many ways.
We just love these two mugs!


  1. Rowdy and Izzy are big beautiful dogs and they look so happy! Love it when they get to be on the blog!

  2. Easy to tell them apart if you really look at them...White face...brown face..I notice that their "soft spot" is also in the shade...Your husband is a busy bee....Have a nice week..

  3. They were just waiting for their dad to finish his work so they could go back to their favorite spot. Their coats look so soft and silky. xoxo