Thursday, April 21, 2016

A New Century

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I'm still not sure how I feel about this, but it was necessary for us.
Neither my husband nor I have ever enjoyed being tethered to an object, for a job, or for home life, but the time has come it would seem, whether we like it or not.
Many of you in the blogging world have probably read my rants on cell phones and how much I dislike them and seeing people driving with one (so stupid and dangerous) and hearing people out in public as they gab gab as loud as possible so anyone within twenty feet of them will know that they are the owner of a cell phone and subject EVERYONE to hearing every bit of their personal business.  I find it disgusting to say the least,
but I digress since dummies will be dummies and do dangerous and stupid things throughout their lives.

The above flip phone is a good likeness of what my husband has had for quite a few years... you purchase the inexpensive phone and then buy minutes as you need them.  It's a VERY economical choice, and if you don't have the need for shoving a lot of data across the air waves, then I suggest you use this type of phone.  He's been using it for his consulting business as well, but the thing is, when he is at large corporations he has had no way of getting 'certain' files moved to their offices, and they generally do not allow him access to their internet connection either.  With a smartphone he will be able to connect to a hot spot, get wi-fi on his phone and then connect to his iPad and be on the Internet where he can connect to websites that have what his customer needs.
And so it was time for him to get a smart phone for running his business in a more efficient manner.

I myself have not had a cell phone and to be honest have not been able to justify the cost of owning one,  AND, I don't talk on the phone much, other than a couple of family members from time to time that live thousands of miles away.  Facebook and Messenger pretty much takes care of those connections for me as well as FaceTime.  
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Our phone company notified us that our landline monthly service cost is going up once again, so my husband and I talked about it and decided that we would drop landline service and could now justify what dollars we spend on cell phones.... 
and since the landline is going away it would mean that he would have no way of contacting me when he is out on business and I am at home, and if I were in town I would have no way of contacting him.  So 'bye bye' landline and hello smartphones for each of us.

He has ordered the Plus and I have ordered the 6.  I realize that there are benefits to having the Plus, but it's simply too large for my hand, and if you can't hold it then what's the point of owning the Plus?

I totally understand that some of you have had smart phones for years and that we are just now moving into this century when it comes to our cell phone choice, but it was a great and economical choice that worked for us to use a flip phone, and it allowed us to save a few bucks.... it was the SMART thing to do, to use the flip phone.  Our cell phone cost per month, after the purchase of a $100 flip phone nine years ago was only a couple hundred dollars a year, or around $16-$17 a month.  

One thing for sure though... you will STILL not see me jumping in my vehicle, immediately dialing and sticking this phone to my ear as so many women that I see do, nor will you see me driving with a phone at my ear while cruising down the highway.  
I'd really like to smack people that feel the need to be THAT connected while putting others on the roadway in danger. How selfish they are.

So, the phones were ordered since they did not have the ones we wanted in stock, and they should arrive in the Verizon store today for us to pick up, set up, and start dialing.
Wish we old fogies luck!


  1. I know exactly how you feel.
    We still have our landline and phone number we have had for a million years, but I hate paying that bill. We just don't use it other than to tell telemarketers NO.
    It is a world of cell phones.
    I hope you will share this today at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.
    Just stop by my blog to join in.
    Enjoyed visiting,
    White Spray Paint

  2. We have to have a landline per my husband's job contract with the city (which was put in place before there were cell phones), so until he retires we will keep it, no choice. We both have flip phones, as well, not smart phones. Mine stays in the car for emergencies, mostly. Hubby does use his a lot for business, but in his business a smart phone would last about 6 minutes and then he would have it broken.

  3. I have the iphone 5s and need the 6+, my eyes can't see those small phones anymore. Im getting old. Good luck with your new phones and no landline. I wish we could ditch our landline but it is our business line so it's not going to happen.

  4. You will love your new phone! I never use mine while driving, but can't imagine not having it available at home and other pkaces when needed.

  5. I think you'll enjoy . . .
    I still like my iPad best . . .
    If you have to make a phone call, or a text . . .
    pull over somewhere . . . and make your call.
    Talking on a phone for the world to hear, not cool . . .
    Living on a phone, taking calls and texts while in the company of others . . . dreadful!
    I thought about the Plus . . . but fine with the 6s . . .
    No complaints about the iPhone/iPad cameras either.
    I use the pad to create my IGH and post direct fron Blogsy . . .

  6. We ditched our landline AND cable television a few months ago. I was afraid! So far so good. My biggest love for my landline was I could hear it ringing when anywhere in the house and even outside. So we figured out a way to bluetooth both of our phones to our existing cordless phones. So now I can answer my phone anywhere in the house since I had phones everywhere already. It's pretty slick. It even tells me when I get a text message. Comes in really handy when I forget I have silenced my phone. Good for you guys! . . . and I must confess I do yak on the phone in my car, but through the car's speakers. It's all handsfree and voice-activated, but yeah, I'm that woman talking to "herself" at times while driving.

  7. Phones can be a necessary evil. Don't you feel like giving offenders the glacial stare when they continue to yak very loudly on their cell phones? It's interesting to watch people in restaurants...they are engrossed in their phones like they are receiving important life lessons. When we had our home inspection business, we had a dedicated fax line, a land line and two smart cell phones. AT&T had their hands so deep in our pockets and it was liberating to ditch all that when hubs retired. We went to a monthly program and Verizon is the carrier.

  8. You will LOVE the camera in your new iPhone ... I promise! All those photos I posted from our vacation in Ireland in November? Every one of them taken with my then-new iPhone 6s. I don't use my DSLR nearly as much now, with the iPhone in my pocket or purse.