Sunday, April 3, 2016


Over night we went from sweet, warm, spring days with tee shirts and blossoms, to an overnite of 34 degrees and a light layer of ice in the birdbath this morning.  From what we can tell, the gusty winds only took down two trees this time around. One wimpy tree where the bunnies nest, and of course another cedar tree.  As much as I love our cedar grove, I have become very disenchanted with that area of the yard since their shallow root system does not allow them to withstand any sort of windstorm and do nothing these days other than create a lot of work for my husband who has to cut them up and haul them away.

I used the photos in this post in a video I created yesterday in hopes of posting it here today, BUT.... YouTube, where I load them to will not accept them since my web browser (Safari) needs updating.  I struggle with the thought of updating since it will update my entire Mac OS which will then make my iWeb software obsolete.

So, what's a gal to do?

Guess I'll have to think about this today and weigh the importance of iWeb in my designing.  

Wishing you each a wonderful, sun-filled and warm Sunday.


  1. We are experiencing similar weather freakiness . . .
    Although we haven't had shirt sleeve weather yet we have had warmer days than 30 degrees . . .
    Yikes . . . plus snow covered the ground yesterday . . .
    More cold and snow predicted for the week..

  2. Nice picture of your hubs and the dogues... We have had to cover plants as it gets down in the 20's at night...arghhh...want to protect my red raspberries... xoxo

  3. As you know, your weather is still miles ahead of mine.....but, that's ok, it is what it is. Love the way you change up the look of your site all the time, I have no clue how to do that...I'm such a newbie! But I feel like your site has grown even in the half year or so I've been here, and it's awesome - love it.

  4. I've been calling our weather bipolar. :) Love this pic of your pansies. So glad spring is (almost) here!