Friday, April 8, 2016

Doors and Gates

 We adore our two boxer pups, Rowdy and Izzy, but they create extra work for us.
They enjoy being on the back deck, sniffing the wind and basking in the sunshine on spring days when it's not overly hot yet, as it will be this summer.
it's a case of us going out and opening the door from the porch onto the deck for them multiple times each day... in and out and in and out.  It generally serves as an interruption for us to whatever we are doing inside the house.
 When we sold our previous home the buyers did not want a doggie door, so we took it out and replaced the door into the garage so it would not leave a huge rectangular hole in the door.
My husband has had this project on his list for a couple of years now... to install the doggie door from the screened porch onto the deck.
Yesterday while I was grocery shopping he tackled the job and completed it.
Within minutes Rowdy and Izzy, with a bit of pushing them through the door, renewed their knowledge of using a doggie door and are now happy with the access they have onto the deck.
 My husband also built a self closing gate at the top of the deck stairway which keeps the pups from running down and all over the property without our supervision.

 Now, when we are on the deck we can let them down into the backyard as we supervise from up above and when we are in the house we are assured that they are safe on the deck and not running into the woods to chase wild critters.
The gate looks as though it was built by the men who built our deck.
It's good for the pups and good for us.
Another win win!


  1. That guy of yours is a keeper . . .
    Win Win for everyone for sure!

  2. Everybody's happy! Have a good weekend

  3. Brilliant idea, I have one of the screens that magnets back together for our dog. If I didn't she would just push the screen out of our door anyway.

  4. Dog doors are such a good thing...the pups can enjoy the fresh air in a safe environment. They are large dogs but probably wouldn't be a fair match for varmints living in the woods. The gate looks fabulous! xo

  5. Wow, such a good idea! Everything looks so nice, too! :)