Thursday, April 7, 2016

Musical Curtains This Spring

I picked up my new eyeglasses today and so glad I chose this style of frame.
I tend to go with the suggestions that the girls at the eyeglass office suggest, conservative, but this time I said, "nope".  Going to go with my own instincts and get something bold.
Buddy Holly comes to mind, although these frames are gray across the top half and a dark tortois shell across the bottom half.
My previous glass was so scratched, and it's just nice to have better vision once again.

 We are having a weird spring.
Our nights have been at or near freezing and the daytime temperatures go from 34 in the morning to 60 in the afternoon.
Wind, no wind, and today it rained while the sun was shining.
Never a dull moment here when it comes to the weather.
 The pups enjoyed it.
A little thunder but not enough to scare Isabelle into the house as it usually does.
My husband and I stood yakking on the front porch enjoying the light rain as it fell.
Spring can be so odd, but I love it more so than the overly warm and humid days of summertime.
Spring changes are occurring. When we purchased our home three years ago, we hung curtains we had brought with us from our previous home.  Window coverings can be a huge expense and we had other priorities as to where to spend money on our home and property.
So, as you can see on the right hand side, we had our old brown curtains in the family room.
 *excuse the saggy cushion.... my husband stood on it to hang the curtains*
 Today we replaced the dark brown curtains with curtains that JC Penney had on sale at half price, they are lined..... a must for us since the winter months can drive the heating bill sky high.  We do what it takes to try to control that cost.
ie: lined curtains.
 I had considered custom curtains, but what a big expense it is to have all full- length, lined drapes made.
So, half price from Penneys it is.

this much lighter color really lightens the entire room.
So, the old brown curtains went to the trash.

The curtains in my husband's small first floor office were changed out to a light gold pair that had been in his downstairs business office, and the floral with birds pair from his small office were hung at the laundry room window, and I hung new curtains in my office and the previous blue curtains in my office went to a guest bedroom. 
It was an entire afternoon of musical curtains.
We still have four more panels just like the ones we hung in the family room today, on order.  They will be here the first part of next week and will be hung at the french doors that lead out to the screened in porch.  LOL  Those french doors now have red curtains that I have been 'Oh So NOT in Love With' for a very long time.  Since the family room and the dinette area with the french doors are basically all a part of the same large room, it only makes sense to have the curtains all the same.
It was difficult to capture a photo of the new curtains true color in my office.  They kept looking like a powder blue, when in fact they are almost a light teal, so I am giving you this side by side of the older blue curtains and the new curtains.  I had to turn it towards the light of the window in order to capture it's true color.

Other changes on my list to do later this year:
Purchase new area rug for family room in a lighter color
Purchase area rug for my office
Buy small frame for grandchildrens' school photos x6
Purchase floral arrangement for top of entertainment center
Would LOVE a new wood dinette table to replace glass top one we currently have
Change master bedroom curtains

Nothing major.... just small changes to things that have been bothering me when I look around the house.

What's on your household changes list this year?


  1. Love the new curtains! If I could ever hire some design help, it would be for windows. I can arrange furniture, put together vignettes and select colors but window treatments are not in my wheelhouse. Love the glasses too! xoxo

  2. The lighter color in the curtain/drape is very nice.
    It seems to lighten up the room considerably!
    Amazing what a few changes in drapery, pillows, area rugs can do to a room.
    Amazing what a few warmer days without snow will do to my spirit. Just sayin' . . .
    LOVE your Buddy Holly look . . .